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ARSHI SS: Pyaar tune kya kiya...

CHAPTER 11(B): Bheeg loon bheeg loon, aal mein teri barish mein...

WARNING: 18+ contains please those kiddos stay away & those who don't like mature stuff please restrain from could restrain themselves & skip the mature stuff.

NOTE: Picture credit to the google & uploaders.

Khushi torn open the door slightly and curled her leg around it knowing that it would torture him just as much as her. She pressed herself closer to the door as his touched her; his fingers running down her leg softly and she thought that was amazing. Until, his lips began to suck their way up her leg from her ankle all the way up to where he could reach no more. Her head fell back on the other side as she groaned softly his lips leaving a burning trail as his lips sucked and crawled, those lips that were hot and wet and their taste oh so toe curling.


Unable to hold back she threw the door opened and grabbed Arnav by the shirt and pulled him in crushing his lips to her as he pushed her up against the wall feeling every ridge, dip and crevice against her as her whole body throbbed in need. A rough grunt escaped the back of her throat as he pushed her up even closer to his warmth, like a cocoon, as his lips devoured every inch of mine tasting and tracing every inch as he sucked with his tongue of the inside of my mouth his taste creating an explosion. 

Pulling back he moved to her ears as he husky whisper sang words which had her on more fire & turned her on like hell, she never knew he has such sensual voice or could sing or is song can turn her like hell.

“Aur andhera aaj mila de raaton mein
Subah bujha de aaj meri inn aankhon mein
Main jalta lamha koi tu hai shabnam jo bujha de

Bheegh loon, bheegh loon

Aaj main teri baarish mein
Bheegh loon, bheegh loon
Aaj main teri baarish mein bheeg loon”

"Arnav" she panted as she grew faint on her knees buckling slightly and in a flash her legs were curled around his waist her fingers curled in his hair holding on for dear life as his fierce, passionate and almost desperate kisses planted along her chin and up her jaw line as she panted breathlessly in his ear her body throbbing with need as she melted against him. His lips drawing down under her jaw line and down her neck in all the tender and weak places as if her body had marks where 'x' marked the spot to make Khushi squeal.

His lips nibbled down along her tortuously as she clung onto him like a koala bear. Khushi head fell back in a moan as he hit another weak spot making his grip on her thighs tighten and her to push closer desperately as silently she pleaded for him to allow his hands to wander. His wet tongue ran from the very based of her neck right up to the bottom of her chin as she clung tighter tugging on his hair as shiver of pleasure rippled along her.

Khushi had no idea Arnav was moving until suddenly her back hit the soft embrace of the bed and Arnav was hovering above her on all fours trapping her in as both hands and legs sat either side of her, yet being trapped only created a thrill as this was exactly where she wanted to be.

Arnav reached for one of Khushi’s hands that sat tangled in his sweet chocolate hair and planted a loving kiss on her ring finger making her heart flutter as his lips fell back down around her neck and shoulders sucking, nibbling and tracing with his tongue as she melted further into the sheets thinking soon she'd fall through the bed or become one with the bed.

Faintly as she became dizzy her fingers ran up and down his forearms that sat on either side of her propping him above her. Yet that wasn't what she wanted so instead she dragged him right onto herself and she could feel his erection right between her legs. Yet before she could even raise her hips Arnav propped himself back up above her: "Khushi...wait...just let me love you." He whispered raggedy against her clammy skin that he was torturing. So all she could do was enjoy it, ache in it and stroke his forearms as that was all she could rub up against as she throbbed for him.

His lips edged down to the edge of her thin satin robe, so thin it could be ripped to shreds with ease. Instead though he reached for its tie around her body making her instantly tense with anxiety: "Can't....cant we just leave it on? Or turn the lights off?" Khushi asked, her voice almost pleading.

Arnav growled: "Khushi I've dreaming about all of you my entire life." He said pausing on the tie: "I am never turning off the lights so I can't see you. Ever."

And before she prepare herself or react he eased it off and opened the robe as a gasp escaping his lips making her cringe: "I know, I know." she said hastily reaching for her robe to wrap back around herself "I’m not that good" she said knowing she wasn’t perfect like those models who throw themselves on him.

Arnav softly stopped her hands from covering herself up as he met her eyes "Baby" he began softly her heart in her throat "You''re beautiful...breath taking." He said in awe at a loss of words. Khushi pause her insecurities halting and instantly love overwhelmed her. No one was able to look at her and say that. His eyes lowered back down to her bare skin and body his fingers fingering the lace of her bra as he soaked her body up "So sexy." He murmured making her smile softly with an all knew confidence.

Haan khud ko ab behne de mujhpe

Mujhko bhi jalne de tujhpe
Rukne na de ye silsila
Wo.. haan paani ki chaadar lage tu
Pyaasa ik baadal lage tu
Mujhko lage tu barf sa
Main jalta lamha koi tu hai shabnam jo bujha de

Khushi rolled him over so that it was she straddling his waist, his eyes glinting with utter excitement and lust and without a thought she tugged at the bottom of his shirt easing it up off of him. And finally she could let her fingers trace is chest, her breath caught as she discovered his god like body, his chest chiseled and so mouth watering. Running her fingers along his chest she traced his abs and then she kissed his chest letting her lips roam along his ridges his fingers on her back running along her bra's band. Running her tongue from the base of chest right up to his throat she could feel him swallow harshly against her.

His body shifted underneath her as he unclasped her bra and gently slid it off her pulling her arms out as if she was a child, his fingers smooth and gentle. His eyes bored into her body with anticipation as he kept gentle. He groaned closing his eyes as he revealed her above him "Mishty, you are..." he groaned again enough of a compliment for her. And again she was underneath him. Arnav closing in over her as he looked into her eyes, his eyes saying it all, love. Gently his thumb ran along her bottom lip making her sigh.

Khushi cried his name as she jostled when his mouth covered one of her breasts sucking on it his lips warm and moist as he sucked on it against the roof of his mouth hard. It was like her soul was being drawn out through it as he continued to suck and trace along me with that damn tongue making her body burn and my back arch up against his hold.

"Arnav" she said weakly, unable to tell him she decided to show him as she grabbed his hand and gently grazed it along her body to her other breast that laid neglected. He palmed it making her whole composure shatter as she collapsed against the bed panting. He pinched and traced it with his hand and his mouth toasted every other inch of her other. It was if she was exploding with all these hot sparks and moans. Arnav pulled back the slightest his hair still grazing against her skin and than his tongue flicked across the top of her more neglected breast instantly making it stiffen.

He pulled back his index finger running from her throat and down between her cleavage making herself press as close as possible against him. He continued to leave a burning sensation as his fingers continued to trail down her stomach and over her hip. As he pulled back she couldn't help but whimper "Shhh. It's okay Khushi." He whispered as he bent her legs as he ran his hands along the inside of her legs stopping to kiss at the back of her knees. His fingers lingered along her skin taking his time and teasing. How she just wanted him now, her whole body throbbing in need thinking it couldn't get any more tormenting.

"Baby" He whispered his finger running along in a different angle again and she suddenly realized what he was tracing, her scars, scars she got from the accident that took her parents & no one knew about them. She slightly tensed as he found a whole bunch of new scars though instead of reacting he ran his tongue along one that was on the inside of thigh running high until it met her warmth. She gasped in pleasure curling her fingers in the sheets clinging on as her hips twitched the slightest his tongue leaving a trail. His fingers fingered and tugged on her underwear "As sexy as this's nowhere near as the person beneath it all. So..." he said huskily sliding them off, just as tender as he was with her bra, his hands caressing her skin until finally he slipped them over her toes.

Pulling himself back up he grabbed her hand and kissed her palm cradling it to his cheek "Khushi baby this may hurt are you sure?" he asked gently his eyes roaming all over her body. 

She knew even if she said no it would cause him much difficulty to pull away, it probably would be impossible. She knew it would be for her. "God Arnav stop stalling" she cried wanting him inside her already.

She cried softly as he prodded softly between her folds making him groan as he felt her utter hot wetness, her body tensed as he pulled away her throbbing need harder. And again he softly prodded not even pressing inside of her as he traced her folds making her hips twitch and then suddenly his tongue was than taking over. She jostled beneath him as her fingers dug into his hair as each lick made her hips roll and a moan to escape her bruised lips as she breathed shakily. It was so good yet also so torturous with each toe curling stroke. "Arnav" she panted knowing she wasn't going to be able to take this for much longer, he was utterly torturing her. He darted his tongue inside her and pulled back completely kissing her deeply and fiercely with passion making her lose her breath instantly. He pulled back "Shona this is g-"

“Arnav please" Khushi cried, protested and pleaded in one. "Relax." He warned softly before slipping his finger inside her, making her jostle, tighten and intake a sharp breath. He didn't get far though as her walls tensed around him, Arnav reached for her hand and kissed each finger individually calming her as gradually she loosened. He tried to push further as he groaned "Geez Khushi, you're so tight." 

He panted his breath scorching her thighs insides. She squirmed slightly unsure as to what she wanted to do; pull his finger out or force it in further. It was a mixture of emotions of pleasure yet pain as his fingers pulled and strained her walls. Arnav wiggled in further and waited again for her to relax

He encouraged as she relaxed around him until he reached as far as he could: "Okay baby I'm going to try two fingers." 

He cautioned as she nodded weakly biting her bottom lip as he pushed another finger up inside of her making her intake just as sharp as his push. She clenched her eyes shut tight the pain eating at her as if it was ripping her from the inside out. "How are you doing baby girl?" he asked gently kissing her eyelids. 

Khushi nodded weakly unable to speak as again he paused. How could something so painful be so beautiful and pleasurable? Arnav nibbled on her bottom lip softly as again he pushed his fingers in further her walls loosen yet just as or if not more wet and hot. The pain was fading and all she wanting to do was to move, grind, and thrust, to create friction. Without a warning he slipped a third finger up her tunnel pushing with difficulty by the tightness "There" He panted just as bad as her as she began as she laid sweating wanting nothing more than for him to make her scream.

Bheeg loon, bheeg loon
Aaj main teri baarish mein
Bheeg lun, bheeg lun
Aaj main teri baarish mein bheeg loon

His fingers began stroking her walls making it impossible for her to keep compose or even just catch a breath. And then he nicked it, it was the slightest bump but she felt it as she tensed with reflects making ace freeze as he found the spot. He brushed it again a moan slipping through her heavy lips and he did it again his pace building as her moans of pleasure did also until it got so quick that it built and built getting bigger within her until she explode crying "Arnav!" a wave of emotions smashing me over as she panted, her breathing ragged and sweat covering her.

Her hands moved past his stomach "Khushi" & Arnav warned. "I just want give back." She gasped wanting to make him feel this good. He picked up her wandering hand and kissed "Trust me this is more than enough." He said huskily as she continued to pull up and away from him and his fingers until he pulled her back down digging his finger into her spot and pulling her down hard making her come again heaving as her spine shattered all strength almost gone. Khushi knew if he made her do it again it would probably be it so as he moved within her. She shook her head desperately "Please no” whimpering with her eyes clenched shut tight trying to push away the building throb within her "Please." she pleaded making Arnav hover over her anxiously "God please don't Arnav. I can't, I can't." She whispered weakly as he softly stroked her walls as if it was soothing her "Please." she begged again.

"Hey shhh its okay Shona-" But before he could finish her walls tensed around him as she came again crying out his name as she panted heavily. If he kept this up she doesn’t think she could do much more, she was wearing thin. Khushi pulled out his fingers sliding them out against her wetness making her want to thrust as she groaned. "I love you Khushi" He whispered and she crushed his lips to hers fiercely overwhelmed with so much love and need. Arnav sucked on Khushi’s bottom lip nibbling on it as he caught it between his teeth. "Please Arnav" she whispered weakly thinking this was as far as she could be pushed "Stop...stop teasing please. I need you." He groaned at that pressing tighter to her.

Khushi could taste him all over her just as much as she could feel him so close and tight. His jeans scratched against her, jeans almost taunting her that there was still a barrier. As Arnav sucked along her collarbone and neck her fingers trailed down his chest making him push closer his huge throbbing ache pressing against the inside of her thigh. Finding his jeans she slid her fingers below the waist band and out Arnav's body tensing each time she did it "Khushi." He growled in warning making her smile as she reached for his zipper and pull down his jeans with her feet the thud as they hit the floor sounding like a melody. Again she slipped her fingers under the waist band of his jocks and he pulled them back out tracing down the inside of his thigh.

"God Khushi" And before she could tease him more he pinned her arms above her head as he looked down at her, his eyes filled with torture and need. Khushi looked up at him whimpering as she needed him pressed against her hard and now. His eyes softened "I know baby. But slow okay?" she nodded beneath him biting her bottom lip making him groan "I love it when you do that. It's so damn sexy." He murmured bending down so he could trace the outline of her lips with his tongue making her sigh as it left the burning sensation along her sensitive lips.

Aa din se raatein tu badal le

Neendon ko meri masal de
Subah talak mujhko jagaa
hmm.. aa tan pe tu mere fisal le
Har karvat meri pehan le
Khud ko de tu mujhme dubaa
Main jalta lamha koi tu hai shabnam jo bujha de

His hands fell down and she was prepared to feel the blissful torture but instead nothing came, or none came as he moved against her. Looking down she saw him hastily pull down his jocks wanting more. Her eyes bugged as she took in his huge size, she mean she know she haven't seen any others besides on art and that but she knew this was bigger than average, way bigger. And that was suppose to fit in little tiny her? Seeing her alarm Arnav caressed her face his lips brushing over mine "Slow." He reminded me softly calming her entirely and replacing her with pure need.

Reaching out she grabbed him his intake shallow as he buried his face in the curve of her neck his breath scorching her skin as her hands ran up along him. He was so large, heavy and thick as he sat heavily in her tiny palm my hand struggling to fit around him. Arnav was heaving and her breath was just as shaky, knowing what she wanted most she pulled him towards her center. Arnav sensing her move grabbed her hips tightly yet not tight enough as he pinned then to the bed. Cautiously he allowed one hand to move and dip into her "God."

He heaved as soon as he felt how slippery and hot she was. Sitting that hand back on her hip he pulled back to look at her "It's gonna hurt baby and I apologize. I'll take it slow, I swear." He said. She couldn't help but get impatient "Arnav." 

He smiled slightly "I know baby." he said kissing her lips briefly as if he understood how torturous it was.

Pulling back to her, she wasn't ready for when the tip of him pressed just the tiniest inside than a bit more of him. It was grueling, he'd have to wait for her walls to relax and accept the expansion and she had to resist the urge of thrusting. Oh but it hurt like hell, like she was getting torn as she clenched her eyes shut. He plummeted deeper as she'd just gained back some form of composure. She groaned a mixture of pleasure and pain as her nails dug into his back, Arnav never protesting. She could tell in the back of her mind that tears were falling as Arnav licked them away the whole time never tearing his gaze from her face.

He pushed further into her making her whimper "Baby look at me." He murmured gently she shook her head unable to as she felt heavy and weak "Come on." He cooed and she shook her head again. He growled plummeting further in making her scream as her eyes flew opened her gaze finally meeting his as she adjusted panting "That's it." He soothed “I’ll never hurt you again” & in response she huffed "Then stop being such a...” groaning "tease." she panted he smiled chuckling creating friction that felt so good wanted to thrust her.

"God baby you're so tight." He gasped. He was pushing in further when the pain fled to be overthrown with pure pleasure and that damn throbbing ache. She wanted to thrust, scream, and explode. Just do it, she felt like screaming. He growled as she pitifully tried to thrust or at least move the angle with her hips "Baby." she panted "Harder." she pleaded clenching her eyes shut briefly as he delved deeper.

"No Khushi I'll tear you apart you're just so damn tight. Maybe we shouldn't..." she whimpered as he began to pull out, protesting "Please Arnav." His hands anxiously left her hips as he tried to soothe her. Taking the chance she raised her hips sharply as he plummeted deeply into her making her scream and Arnav cry the pain nothing to the pleasure as he pushed further into her. "More." He growled huskily as he sunk in further delving in her depths. Geez, could she even fit more?! Her hips tensed as her nails dug into Arnav's back as he pushed further in making the both of them moan in union as Arnav again held her hips.

Ignoring his hold she allowed her hips to raise as he slid into her completely at an all knew angle hitting her spot "ARNAV!!" she screamed as she slumped against the bed as his thick hardness pinned her to the bed. He was fully inside. “Finally...I didn't think...didn't think you'd make it." she panted up against him as her walls began to relax although she knew they were still smothering him. She went to raise her hips again though Arnav halted me making me whimper "Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada do you want me?"

"I want all of you!" she cried making him growl as he drove out and drove right into her as she clung on for dear life. He pulled out again but this time as he thrusted she raised her hips at the exact time. It was so damn good, hot and intense as they both moaned and groaned as they grew fainter as the throbbing ball of pleasure grew. The feel of him inside of her amazing as her walls grew tenser and tenser around him as Arnav planted kisses all along her body as they moved perfectly together thrust for thrust. Khushi eyes watched as he pulled in and out every time an amazing turn on, until the last thrust.

Arnav pulled out of her almost entirely sitting in her highly sensitive entrance, both desperately thrusted harshly as they both exploded her walls tensing around him and exploding as she repeatedly cried his name and Arnav cried hers, her fingers curled roughly in as. And she thought that was it until he moved just the slightest within her and they came both again crying out as they clung to each other desperately convulsing around him as he convulsed inside of her.

Arnav slumped against her, his tongue lathering up her sweat with his tongue as they both panted harshly. Wanting him all around her & she wrapped her legs around his waist making her shiver as he jostled inside of her. He pulled her up with him as she clung to him his tongue still lathering up her sweat against her tingling skin with his hot tongue.

Bheeg loon, bheeg loon

Aaj main teri baarish mein
Bheegh loon, bheegh loon
Aaj main teri baarish mein bheeg loon...


Khushi whimpered as he pulled out of her, her hips twitching "Baby you're mine." He whispered pulling back to look at her dead in the eyes. She sighed resting her forehead against his "I know." whispered. "No, baby" He said softly pulling back making her whimper again, after been this close to him distance seems so hard. "Shhh" He soothed kissing her lips briefly his lips tasting of his minty taste but also like salt from the tears and sweat.

Arnav lowered himself down and began tracing it with his tongue making her fall back onto the bed his tongue making her groan and her insides squirm already slightly turned on. "I love you." she sighed. Arnav froze tensing against her; he pulled himself back up to her and rolling them onto their sides facing one another. "What did you say?" he asked me searching her gaze holding his breath.

"I love you." Khushi whispered finally putting her all out on the line. He kissed her fiercely with passion her hands curling in his hair as he pulled her closer in against him so that they were molded. He pulled back breathless "Say it again." He whispered.

"I love you." Khushi said again looking in his eyes & he groaned his eyes closing as her head fell in his neck snuggling closer as he wrapped his arms around her asking again "And again."

"I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you...”


NOTE: So the scenario in my story is little changed. After that poolside confrontation Khushi was leaving & Arnav found her, proposed her in a bus & a bittersweet reunion & they consummate too. After which instead of grand remarriage Khushi requests Arnav to keep it private between them as a private though he offered grand wedding but she insisted on private between the 2 of them only. So as they decided to keep it secret & plan on sometime after Anjali gets little better & than dadi comes as same drama happens with her not wanting to except ArHi marriage since no one was witnessed it & Arnav getting angry said they are having re-marriage if she so wants to see their marriage with her own eyes. After this the re-marriage events are same as show with change Arnav never arriving at wedding alter due to fatal accident.

P.S : I don’t know how this part has turned, I hope it doesn’t look too valugar or something & since I’m no good at mature stuff that part is written by my cousin who helped me, so credit goes to her.

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